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  • Call Copy

    Anyone deployed Call Copy? Feedback?

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    Yes. This was for a small place with 6 or 7 agents. It worked really well, and was pretty easy to deploy. No one from Call Copy came onsite, so I pretty much had to set up the server and then get them remoted in. Its pretty cool as it records the agents screen as well as the call. Also, they were pretty quick at responding for support.

    They seem pretty small though, like only 2 or 3 guys working there providing support, but I dont know that, I just know that I got on a first name basis with them pretty quickly, as it was always the same couple of guys answering the phone and emails.

    In my opinion it is SOOO much better than Telrex.


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      We have deployed call copy to over 200 CSR's at this point and have had multiple issues. The multi site issue that first occured was the Shoretel integration moduel we had to upgrade to the 4.2 rev before it was stable. As soon as we did that Screen Captures failed. there was another patch for that. When that was resolved we had a sql DB issue. Although it was an uphill climb in a multi site deployment there support team was a great sound board to work with.