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  • Forward offsite to different cell #

    I have a scenario where my customer would like to forward a main # which is currently a Hunt Group offsite to a Cell # when no one is in the office (so no set hours). They want to be able to forward to different cell #'s, depending on who is working that day.

    I was going to set up a route point and have them busy out the hunt group but that will only go to the pre-determined hunt group.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    There is an app you can buy from professional services that does this. I used it once at a doctor's office. I think its just called the on call application.


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      Similar thing with hunt groups. You should be able to configure this.


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        You could also forward to a VM box and setup escalation profiles. Just create a different escalation profile for each person (then do auto find me). That way, you just pick the profile for the standard CHM (for example).

        We do this with our on-call engineers for after-hours support.