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  • IP8000 phone on a Vlan

    I can't get an IP8000 phone to register to the SG switch, I have the IP8000 phone statically assigned in the same range as the shoregear equipment. I do have the IP8000 phone set to Vlan 30 in which case is the way we have the ethernet switches programmed. I can Ping back and forth from the IP8000 phone to the Server, I have the IP8000 phone programmed to register to the SG switch, and all seems programmed correctly, Do I need to Tag ,or Untag the ethernet switch? or since I can Ping them should I be good?

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    I haven't installed one of these before but it works as a SIP device. Do you have the SG switch setup for 100 sip proxies and sip configured on the system? I believe it would get plugged in to the same "type" of port as a regular ST IP phone. I.e. Tagged on Voice Vlan untagged on data VLAN.