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  • Toshiba PBX/Shoretel Tie

    Has anyone every tied a Toshiba PBX to Shoretel? We will be on Shoretel 8.1 by the time this project comes to fruitition, but wanted to check to see if anyone has any experience doing this so I'll know what pitfalls to be aware of.

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    We got it work a few years ago. I believe we had a trunk code for the Toshiba to dial across, and on the ShoreTel we had to strip some digits heading the other direction, but for the most part it worked just fine.
    Randy Wensmann
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      Toshiba has supported QSIG for years so I'd go that way to tie them together by PRI. You won't have to mess with trunk access codes that way and you should get names passed through as well.