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  • Advice Needed for Remote Site

    These forums are Fantastic!

    We have had a ShoreTel system at our Phoenix office for over 5 years and we love it. Our telesales office is taking over a portion of our corporate office in Cleveland starting Jan 1. The corporate office is using a Nortel system (I don't know the model, but they're not using VoIP). The portion we are taking over (roughly 20 seats) will have to have all calls routed to/from the PSTN via trunks in Phoenix (all PRI) so that we can record the calls (we're using Oaisys for trunk-side call recording here). We also need to be able to capture their CDR data via ShoreTel.

    I'm trying to figure out the best solution to get those 20 seats on ShoreTel The obvious method in my mind was to simply deploy a ShoreGear 40/8 switch in Cleveland with ShoreGear VoIP hardphones. Calls would route via MPLS between CLE and PHX, with backup trunks on the Cleveland switch for 911 and for redundancy in the event of an MPLS outage. Is this even possible? How would I configure ShoreTel to only use the local trunks on the Cleveland 40/8 in the event that that the MPLS route is unavailable? I was under the impression from the ShoreTel documentation that the lowest cost route was always chosen, and I would need to bypass that, correct?

    Even if that were a viable option, it still poses a few problems because the rest of the corporate office (excluding the 20 seats) will still be on the Nortel PBX and I'm unsure of how I'd route internal calls (extension-to-extension) between the two systems. They're not currently using DID's, but that is of course an option. Could a ShoreGear T-1 act as a "gateway"/TIE between the Nortel PBX and ShoreTel so that we could route 4-digit extension calls like any DNIS #? Does anyone have experience setting this up?

    Another option I was considering was to just set up those 20 users with External Assignment (they'd have to have DID's of course). It's not the prettiest method, and would double-up the LD charges, but it would be quick and easy to deploy -- gives us the CDR data we'd need for reporting, and would allow us to record the calls. I'd rather avoid going this route if the first method could be done for a reasonable cost.

    Is there another obvious option that I'm not seeing?

    I apologize that this post is quite long... any advice / help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'll try and re-read your scenario when I am awake...

    But app note 124 describes Nortel Meridian 1 option 11c and Shoretel Integration.

    There is also something out there about bypassing lowest cost in case of outages...not sure where, will have to dig it out.



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      Your routing issue can be resolved by changing the "cost" of a trunk relative to a particular site. Cost is an internal weighting scheme used by ShoreTel to chose the "cheapest" trunk for the requested call. It is not related to dollars. Normally local trunks are "cheaper" than trunks at another site, but this can be changed. In order to achieve the fail back to local trunks in the even of a WAN outage you would turn off a setting called "inhibit call cost promotion" which normally prevents a call being sent out a more "expensive" trunk if the "cheapest" one is not available.

      Your ShoreTel reseller or SE should be able to help with this configuration.