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  • Analog trunk held up during ringing state

    Has anyone encounter a problem when the user calling an analog trunk routing either to a hunt group or workgroup, hangs up before any user in the group picks up the call, causing the analog trunk to be held up as well as all the phones in ringing state?

    I tried calling the same trunk, routing direct to an extension but the call could be terminated after hang up. The phone stops ringing and the trunk was released.

    TAC responded with no disconnect supervision from the telco, but based on these findings, it doesn't look like it. System on latest 9.2 GA build.

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    Experiencing something similar but with analog extensions not releasing after accessing the overhead paging, thus locking the paging up until the port is reset. This only started after upgrading to 8.1 Build 13.26.4813


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      I also have this issue, any one have solution yet?

      I'm running on ShoreTel 10.2 Build 15.41.9301.0