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  • Castelle Fax Server - How can I make it work?

    Recently installed a ShoreTel system and we are attempting to integrate it with a Castelle fax server, but are experiencing some problems. We know it is not supported by ShoreTel, but according to some posts here, it seems some CAN make it work, so I'm wondering what you had to do to make that happen.

    Current configuration is DIDs are pointing to Route Points which are forwarded to the first port of the fax server. First fax port forwards B/NA to the 2nd port and so on up to 8 ports. Faxes come in and are received by the fax server but only end up in the correct fax box roughly 50% of the time. The failed faxes show an error of either 'no digits received' or 'not enough digits'... which seems to only change when we alter the setting for how soon the ShoreTel sends the DTMF to the fax server when the fax port answers the call... but no matter what amount of time we enter, we cannot get the faxes to route properly more than half the time. One other possibile problem is that the Castelle documentation states that it is looking for around 200-250 msec between the DTMF digits, the ShoreTel only waits 40 msec and neither is adjustable.

    Any info is appreciated!

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    The issue is this. Castelle uses a super cheap modem card. When it goes offhook, it keeps beeping when ShoreTel is sending the DTMF tones of the extension that the fax should be sent to. I have heard rumor that Castelle has a replacement card, but the only real way to grantee a fax with Castelle is to replace the Castelle.


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      Is this a FP7500? We've gone through a couple of those while on our old NEC phone system. A new one would work pretty good for about a year, and then the success rate would slowly decline to less then 70%. Maybe a relay on the modem card goes bad or something.

      We eventually replaced the FP 7500 with a FP Enterprise Redundant with a built in PRI card. That seemed to fix all our faxing problems. The FP enterprise is currently connected directly to an ATT PRI, but we also got a 2nd FP ER that I will be putting on Shoretel connected via a SG-T1k.... but I'm still waiting on the purchase as a SGT1k to be approved..