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  • caller ID and trunk to trunk transfer

    i am pretty sure i know the answer to this question but i need to
    ask it anyway.
    i have a customer who has an option in their AA to transfer callers
    outbound to a cell phone - of course the cell ph gets the CID of the
    shoretel switch as it is the one initiating the call - is there anyway
    to pass the CID of the inbound caller to the "external extention"?
    i always thought once a call goes off hook, and the CID is delivered,
    thats it. thanks for your time and info.

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    It can be delivered if the trunks are PRi an the carrier allows it. If they are just copper trunks then it will not work.


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      Actually I thought that by default shoreTel sends the incoming callers ID out in a trunk to trunk transfer and not a system number. Thats why some customers have issues with the find me feature working properly. Because their carrier won't except any calls that isn't the BTN of the company.
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        I don't know if it s turned on by default but that is true about some carriers not accepting it because of the BTN not belonging to the originating PRI.