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  • DID on SIP trunks

    Hi there,


    3 digits for internal extensions.

    There is a PRI with DID numbers.
    Number of digits received from CO is 8 (This is the complete phonenumber in international format, without the country code.)
    This is working as expected.

    There is SIP trunk to a GSM gateway (Cellphone gateway.)
    Outbound calls are working perfectly.
    Inbound calls are routed to a default internal extension.
    This is also working as expected.

    Now the problem part. ;-)

    They want to implement a new featue called "dial back" and is a setting on the GSM gateway.
    If an internal user calls an external GSM/cellphone, and then this Cellphone user calls back, the GSM gateway doesn't route it to the default extention, but tries to route is to the internal user.
    Offcourse, the GSM gateway only sees the DID of the users, not the internal 3-digit extention.

    It is possible to strip certain numbers, so what the GSM gateway sends to ShoreTel is 8 digits. Exactly the same digits as through the PRI.
    It is not possible to strip 5 numbers, as the last 3 digits of the DID are not the same as the internal extension.

    1: Do I need to add the same DID numbers on the SIP trunk as on the PRI trunk? Or will ShoreTel act on them if they are only defined on the PRI trunk?

    2: Even when added on the SIP trunk, it is not working and all calls are routed to the AA extension. Any idea why this is not working as expected?

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    in response to your points at the end.
    1. ShoreTel will allow you to configure the DID on two separate trunk groups. It is a pain in the ass to maintain as you must ensure you NEVER use the DID number twice. You may be better off enabling DNIS on the SIP trunk instead and then mapping the recieved digits to the appropriate destination.
    2. Again, you will need to enable either DID or DNIS to route the calls back to the appropriate extension.

    You can mess with digit translation to strip some numbers off but I think DNIS might be easier for you.

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