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  • DHCP problems

    I have a customer that has Shoretel system on Vlan 10. We have just recently began to have a problem with the phones on boot up.

    The problem is when the phone is plugged in and I tag it for vlan 10 it pulls the correct information. Then begins to download files and go through the upgrade process. After the first time it reboots the next time it no longer pulls the right ip address and then it of course doesnt get any FTP information. Why is it loosing the vlan 10 tagging info after it starts downloading the files? This has just recently started. Also when the phone does pull the bad address and ftp info after the reboot I can not unplug the phone and plug it back in because the phone will not allow me to put in the 1234# password to set the vlan tagging. If I put in the password it just immediatly starts looking for DHCP.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Two things:

    - Do you have LLDP-MED enabled on your switches? What type of switches are they?
    - Verify that your DHCP server ethernet switch port is configured as an ACCESS port only. If it is a trunk, it will cause the problems you are experiencing.