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  • muti site

    I have just added another site with a dvm server ,and a 220t1a swith,when programming the 220t1a from the maintenance port what ip address should you enter where it ask for server ip (the headquarters server ip or the dvm server ip) Ive tried it both ways and it seems to connect either way.In director I have new site being manage by dvm. Thanks for any help

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      The DVS server at the new site.


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        On the newer rev's of Shoretel, When the switch is configured in director, TMS will move it to the HQ (as that is the one that controls TMS) though for the sake of downloading files, it can be easier to simply point it at the DVS. It is on the Roadmap to use both a FTP server and a Server IP so that you can point the switch at the HQ server, but still have it download the files from the Local DVS.


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          Actually, that is not true. Proper design of your site structure and DVS that managed switches plays a much larger role and has for years now.

          The DVS (used to be called DVM) has hosted a range of fuctions dating back to the 5.0 days and held a cached copy of the database in memory (also why it was important to NOT reboot the server during a connectivity loss). The DVS is also very important in larger deployments to help the scale of the total number of SG switches. Here are the implications of what happens when you specify the server to manage switch:

          - Updates are downloaded locally from that server
          - Communication between the HQ Server and any switches managed by another server are CONSOLIDATED through the DVS. This process is managed by DTMS between HQ and all DVS. DTMS distributes the TMS service to all DVS and they are responsible for managing TMS activity on assigned switches.
          - This is REQUIRED if you scale beyond 60 SG switches, you must enable DRS and then the SG switches are spread out across DVS
          - In a distributed environment for PCM, the HQ server looks at that server that manages a switch that a user is on to REDIRECT their PCM to the local DVS server. That is why setting the switch to be managed by a local server is important.
          - Having the DVS manage the local switches will provide greater reliability in a WAN outage scenario. For example, if you are using extension monitoring the phone, you only get the status from the SG switch you are a member of. If you monitor across SG switches, TMS is involved on the server that manages the switches. In a WAN outage, you lose that because HQ server will be unavailable.

          The significance of the DVS will continue to increase. This has started in Shoretel 10 as Shoretel distributed more of the database to remote servers. This is going to be a continuing trend in Shoretel 11 & 12.

          So again, best practice is to have your DVS for a site manage the switches. You will also specify your HQ server as the initial PCM server to use and they will be redirected to the appropriate DVS server.

          One other thing, DVS is extremely important for scheduling management. If a DVS is managing the switches, it also manages the schedule service. If you have all switches assigned to a HQ location and WAN connectivity is lost during off-hours and doesn't come back online during on-hours, the switches will NEVER change from their off-hours routing schedule to on-hours. This can really wreak havoc.

          All of this information is easily reviewed in the Shoretel Maint Guide. If you haven't read through this document ever, it is a great resource to begin to understand how the architecture really works.


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            Since I tend to write long winded responses for the posterity of future searches, I figured I should clarify further.

            On the very initial config, you can specify the HQ server. Once you change the managing server in Director, it will redirect management to the DVS.

            If I recall correctly, if you don't specify the DVS in the console config, it may always download updates from HQ and not DVS (which may well not be desirable). This might have changed more recently.


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              Thanks guys,I have my switches (thru console port) pointed at DVS,I was just having problems with contacts(in call manager)not updating after you close call manager and reopen they all show standard mode(when their not) Shoretel told me to upgrade, I was just looking for a way around it because HQ call managers work fine