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  • Argentina Analog Loop Start Trunks?

    I was wondering if you can create an analog loop start trunk group in Shoretel 7.5 or above for Argentina? We just opened an office here and the phone lines from the local telco are all analog loop start.

    I'm using ST 6.1 (11.15.5300) and it looks like analog loop start trunk groups can only be created for US sites. If i try to create the Argentina site as a US office, the local dialing won't work because of the difference in the number of digits/dialing patterns. As a result all I can do with these lines is create them as incoming trunks but not outgoing.

    I'm posting this because I'm wondering if someone can tell me if Analog Loop Start trunk groups can be created specifically for a site that is listed as being in Argentina or if I have to look to doing a custom dialing plan.

    I've got the analog lines wired to a SG 120 switch via an RJ-21X patch panel/cable.

    Thanks in advance!

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