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  • IP 8000/One way audio

    Wondering if anyone has seen this before...Today I took over an installation of an IP 8000 phone, it was not registering to start out, resetting it and starting over fixed that issue. But once the phone came up we realized that the rest of the phones on the network started having issues with call quality and one way audio.

    They are on Shoretel 8.0, checked call control options, Always use 5004 setting was not checked and it said something like because you have SIP devices you cannot use this setting or something of the sort.

    Eventually ended up rebooting switches and resetting all the phones and then everything seemed to start working fine.

    I checked with the person who started the installation to see if they had unchecked the Always use 5004 setting, and they said they looked at it when they started having issues getting it to register and it was already unchecked. So I was wondering if this setting had been checked to always use 5004, would setting up a SIP phone cause the system to uncheck it automatically somehow?

    Or I seen a couple postings related to this setting saying that you have to reboot the server twice for it to work...I suppose it is possible that when they were upgraded that this was unchecked by someone and then rebooted only if that were the case, would everything work fine until a SIP phone was actually added?

    Sorry this probably doesn't make a lot of sense, I spent too long trying to get to the bottom of it only to realize that a simple reboot of everything solved it...But I am looking to find out why so I can know for future reference...So any help would be greatly appreciated!!!