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  • PRI - replace with??

    I have a PRI that works fine, run into a ShoreGear T1 switch.
    On Shoretel version 8 with 20 users.

    Stupid question which will reveal my profound ignorance: can I hook Fios to this instead of the PRI? Seems like that would be nice, and way cheaper (except the part about maybe not working at all).

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    If you're looking at doing this with analog trunks you would lose some of your PRI features. Might want to take a look at some SIP solutions.


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      PhoneGuy is correct.

      However, you will most likely need different switches to handle this type of trunking. Depending on what your other Shoregear switch is you may not have the room to add the trunks. Plus the T-1 switch will be useless for either analog or SIP trunking (unless you have a 220t1 which I would guess you do not).

      Let us know what your other Shoregear switch is and we can make better suggestions. Oh, do you happen to know your trunk usage currently? I am wondering if 8 analog trunks would suffice?


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        I could sneak by with half a dozen analog lines, losing some features. I am probably just daydreaming. I did find a couple of links of interest:

        1) Using Verizon FiOS with VoIP | the pacific swell blog -

        2) - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL (Microsoft - discusses using MS QoE vs old QoS - slide up to 22 min pt where he starts discussing how QoS is a pita).

        The SG-T1 Switch is hooked to a 60/12. It is possible to use analog, which would probably be cheaper, but not much. I love the Shoretel 560 phones, and don't know what they would do better (ok, video maybe). Could be a pity that QoS (vs QoE) is so entrenched, however, but if so, c'est la vie.

        Thanks for the feedback.


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          You can put 8 analog trunks on an SG60 and still have 4 ports (20 IP phones which will be tight for your current 20 phones needs). This config would also assume no analog extensions have been programmed on the SG60. Now with the 6 trunks you talked about that would leave 6 ports (30 phones IP phones) so you should be ok.
          Do you have any analog extension or fax machine/modems on the Shoretel system?


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            You could use SureTrunk - works sweet over FIOS - nothing to buy (uses what you got) and trying it is free:

            SureTrunk by EtherSpeak

            Neil D
            (866) Ether-IP