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  • Cisco PoE Settings


    I have a few Cisco 3560G 48 Port PoE switches that are maxed out power wise. The switches have a 370W capacity and I have nothing but Shoretel 560G phones plugged in. The issue is that the Cisco switch sees the phones as Class 3 devices and reports 15.4W used. This is with a default config and no changes to the power inline settings.

    The phone specs say these phones are Class 3, but should not use anymore than 7.1W. Has anyone changed the "power inline consumption" settings on their Cisco PoE switches to reflect the reported power usage of these phones?

    If I can utilize the power properly on these switches it means I can add quite a few more phones to these switches. There is also a danger in damaging the switch by changing the reported wattage and oversubscribing the power. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Try 'power inline static max 8000'