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  • Mediatrix ATA in a hunt group

    I have multiple fax machines connected to a Mediatrix 1104. I set up the SIP trunks and have the OSE's set up and all is good. I'd like to make add the numbers to a hunt group so if fax machine 1 is busy it rolls to fax machine 2. OSE's can't be members of a hunt group though. So I set up Call Forward on No Answer under "Subscriber Services" on the Mediatrix (using Unit Manager) by setting 'Activation' to 'Enable' and forwarding address to the four digit extension of the next fax machine. After a ring and a half (5000ms) fax 1 stops ringing, but fax 2 never rings. I'm sure I simply have something configured incorrectly but haven't yet located the error. I know I could set up External Extension assignment but that will take four full Ext/VM licenses, but even worse it hides the incoming caller ID. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'd really like to use the call forward feature of the Mediatrix if possible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions--GD