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  • Outgoing call

    New to Shoretel so if I have posted in the wrong forum, please let me know.

    I have a user that tried to call a LD number but call did not go through nor did act like it grabbed a trunk. Opened the trunk test tool and saw the call being generated but it never rang that number and then it set the phone to ON-Hook. I have adjusted the local prefix list to see if there was a conflict there, but it will not dial that number. Tried to dial another number with that local prefix and it worked. Any ideas?


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    So you dial a number it does not work
    You then dial another number in the same area code from the same user's phone as the previous number and it worked?

    May be the destination person's phone is disconnected?


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      Are you using a PRI or analogue trunks?


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        Some long distance numbers will not work

        I am having almost this exact same problem. I am located in Ada, MI which is a 616 area code. We only have one area code for the city and surrounding areas, but some numbers are long distance inside the 616 area code. For instance, 616-682-xxxx is the prefix I am calling from, but when I try to call 616-990-xxxx or 616-902-xxxx or 616-394-xxxx I get the following error:

        "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. If you dialed a 5 digit code, it has changed. Please redial adding a 1 and a 0 before the 5 digit code or for assistance contact the carrier you are trying to use."

        I have dial 7 digits for local area code checked on the local analog trunk and I just updated our local prefix list from AT&T (AT&T - Local Calling Area), but no matter what I do I cannot get these numbers to work. I have tried dialing with a 1+616, without and no luck. I know the numbers work because I have tried them on my cell phone and they work fine. I also have watched the calls as they are made using the trunk test tool and everything looks normal.

        We currently are not under any kind of service contract with Shoretel. I contacted them last week about this and paid the ridiculous $280/hr (minimum two hours) for them to fix the problem, but the problem seems to have returned on its own and I cannot figure out why.

        We have two local trunks at this location and at our data center in Grand Rapids (which is local to Ada) we have the ShoreTel server along with 23 PRI lines. I have tried forcing the calls to go out the PRI and made sure the 7 digit dialing is checked, but to be honest, I have tried many different combinations of the options in the trunk groups and nothing works.

        Please help!!


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          Well, whether or not you dialed with a 1616 doesnt matter, because, depending on the check boxes on your trunk group, and your local prefix list, Shoretel will automatically add/remove the 1 and the 616.

          I dont understand this 5 digit code that saying that you can call local number by 5 digits?! Thats some crazy German shit right there!

          OK, so anything not in your local prefix list, Shoretel will put the 1 + area code. Anything in the list, Shoretel will follow the rules that you have on the trunk group. You'll have to play around with it.