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  • Firmware mismatch ip530/ip210's

    Just upgraded customer from ST5 to ST7 8901, everthing went well accept the phone are showing firmware mismatch. Did the reboot of phones multiple times but still mismatch. The phones all work fine, they display all the info (time,name,ext,DID), why the mismatch?

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    Just FYI, 8901 can be a buggy build if used in conjunction with older phone models (110 phones), 8107 is the most stable build of V7. Do a MUTE info # on the phone to confirm what firmware the phone is on and then compare that to the release notes for 8901. If the phone has the correct firmware then the director has an issue replicating from the database.


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      Obviously not the EXACT same issue, but I ran across this when we upgraded from an older Beta release of 7.0 to the most recent Beta Release. I found that the phones that didn't upgrade were teh phones that had custom ring tones. The custom files were individual based on those MAC addresses. I got rid of the custom FTP file, rebooted, and they loaded. Not sure if it was a Beta Bug or not...


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        These phones are not tech phones, so I don't have to worry about that, but I will have someone at their site do the info thing on the phone to see if the firmware matches up.

        Thanks for the help