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  • DHCP Vendor Class

    Has anyone been able to get the ShoreTel phones to live happily on a LAN that has other devices that use DHCP option 156? Wyse thin clients can be configured to use this option, they can also be set to use the Vendor Class ID option, but it is disabled by default. Do the ShoreTel phones support the Vendor Class option?

    The idea is that the phones would get a different value for option 156 than Wyse devices.


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    Vendor Class Options was the reason I created this website. We searched high and low to get definitive Vendor Class information, and got nowhere. Vendor Class does not work with Shoretel. I wish it did, I would have been much happier.

    But as a by-product...we got this lovely site out of it!!!



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      The site is great, but as you said it doesn't help with my problem. What sort of workarounds have you seen on networks where Wyse and ShoreTel need to play together with DHCP?

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Why not separate them into different subnets? We don't have Wyse, but all of our data is on one subnet and all of our phone is on another.


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          We did discuss VLANing to put the phones on their own subnet but would prefer to avoid making that sort of change. There are several sites with multiple WAN links and redundant routes so configuring the routing could be a headache.

          Upon further investigation we have found out that they are not using 156 for the Wyse devices so we don't have to worry about it for now. But it would still be nice if Vendor Class was an option with ShoreTel.

          Thanks for all your help,



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            I realize this is old now, but:

            At least as of 9.2, [70] Vendor Class = "ShoreTel IP Phone"