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  • 2 Phones showing wrong time

    I have a system with 30 phones, 2 of which are showing the wrong time and date. When I review the settings on the phones they show that DHCP is turned off. I suspect that this is the cause of the wrong time. When I set it to on, the phone never comes up. It just cycles through trying to get an IP. I know the installers had problems in the beginning with getting IP addresses because of the LLDP feature that comes turned on as default in the phones. I am running 9.1 software, I don't have the build number in front of me. What is the proper procedure to use to allow DHCP to work??

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Do you have VLANS there? Is there a DHCP server on that subnet, or are you using an IP Helper address to point the phones to the DHCP server? There is no trick to getting the phones to use DHCP. Once you tell them to use DHCP, they will boot up and try to get an address from DHCP.

    What do you mean by cycles through, trying to get an IP? Do you mean that the phone shows that it has been looking for DHCP for xxxx seconds?


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      Did you try plugging in the phone where and existing phone is working? To see whether the problem is the phone or the network?


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        If everything else is fine set a time (sntp server) by hand. Hit mute +"setup" password 1234# and choose NOT to clear all. Scroll through for SNTP setting and put in a time server. For external opnes we often use the US Navy