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  • Need help setting up FXS GSM gateway

    Manufacturer is Simado
    Model is GFX44 4 port

    I created an analogue loop start trunk in Shoretel and ran the phone line to the fxs port on the gateway.

    When I call the gateway cell number the extension phone rings. But when I answer, the call disconnects. If I do not answer it keeps ringing.

    When it disconnects I can see in the trunk test tool that Shoretel placed the trunk out of service because it was unable to seize the trunk.

    Also even when I answer the extension phone, the cell phone I call from is still playing ringback as if the phone was not answered.

    I tried changing the answer singnalling and disconnect signalling in the gateway from none, to open loop disconnect and polarity reversal but nothing made any difference.

    Any ideas?