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  • FAX Server

    I'm going to be implementing my first fax server integration with ShoreTel and wanted to get some opinions/gotchas on how you folks have setup your fax servers.

    I going to integrate using PRI. So basically on incoming PRI trunk group (DNIS/DID Tables) point the fax numbers to my FAX PRI trunk group off system extensions. The 4 digits should be past from incoming PRI across to the fax PRI to the fax server correct?

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    Anyone have any info on how to route numbers (FAX) from one SG-T1(TELCO)/T1 trunk group to another SG-T1/FAX server.

    Any ideas on where I can find this info, ST site doesn't have info on this.


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      Maybe I'm slow, but could you elaborate? I'm guessing you're using a T1 tie to the fax server?


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        SG-T1 x-over to fax server, SG-T1 to Telco. Need to route fax numbers coming in on the telco trunkgroup to the fax server trunkgroup. If I setup OSE on the SG-T1/FAX trunkgroup how do I route faxes from SG-T1/telco to the SG-T1/fax. I can not point to OSE in the DNIS table or forward (user/site fax) to a OSE.


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          Why can you not put an off-system extension into the DNIS table? On my systems, there are two options when adding a DNIS entry: Extension and Off-System.

          For the fax in user/site, the easiest way is to set up a dummy user and configure it to always forward to the proper OSE. This could get expensive for a large number of fax users, so alternatively you might look at shoving this info directly into the database and restarting TMS.
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            I can add to DNIS. I was looking at something else. I got the integration to work the missing step was the translation of the OSE.