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  • Find Computer plugged into phone


    Is there a way through the SDK or via Telnet to find out the IP address of the computer that is plugged into a phone?

    Alternatively, is there a way to find out what phone IP a pc is plugged into?



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    Are you looking for a way to do this remotely? The properties of the NIC on the PC (in either Device Manager or status of the connection) will give you the MAC address.

    Or if your phone is plugged into a managed switch I don't see why you can't access the switch and look at the MAC tables. You should see multiple entries for the same ethernet port but with different MAC's. Depending on the switch you should be able to look it up in the ARP tables as well.


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      I want to do this from code.

      Is the only way to try to get this from the switch?
      Does the Phone not have this detail available via Telnet or SDK?


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        What you are looking for is not part of the telnet of the phone that ShoreTel reveals to techs and the public at large, beyond that, who knows. For the SDK, you are really talking a different level of control than what would have the information that you are looking for. The switch probably is your best, and maybe only, bet.


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          As a note, ShoreTel phones support LLDP in 9.0 and later.


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            Thanks for your responses. If I find a way other than accessing the switch, I'll post it.


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              there is probably some tye of ARP command, the phone is a switch.


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                While it is true that the pone is a switch, ARP is at a somewhat higher level than what I believe the basic switch in the phone supports. I had forgotten about LLDP, that with a SNMP trap is probably your best bet without getting into the switch itself.


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                  ARP is for resolving MAC addresses to IPs or vice versa. ARP packets are broadcast throughout the whole segment and cannot reveal anything about the architecture below layer 3 because it provides no means of discovering how its packets are routed on layer 2.


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                    Thanks for correcting me and not solving the issue, way to go junior!


                    • #11
                      Can you telnet to the phone and issue 'arpShow' .. does that work?