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  • Transfered calls NO ring

    I have two sites A and B. The A site has the VM server and five users with VM, site B has 3 user with VM. Site A is fine no issues with VM/ ringing, but site B has an issue with the caller not being able to hear ringing when transfered from one ext to another. So what will happen is the call will come into a huntgroup and is answered, the caller asks for someone else in the huntgroup so the caller gets transfered. They heard no ringing, but the phones rings on site. So if the user doesn't answer, the caller gets hit with a VM message without warning. But when you get the VM and transfer out to another extension you hear the ringing. So the softswitch you hear the rings but not from the phones.

    Anyone experience this issue before??

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    Does this occur at both Site A & Site B? Is dial tone local at each site? Is it only on external calls or internal? What is the dial tone (PRI or POTS)?


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      No it just happens at site B. Both sites have local analog trunks. I don't know if this happen only with external calls, but will find out.
      This originally started with the caller not getting a beep to leave a message. I upgrade to the latest 8.1 to fix the issue. When I upgraded the caller could here the beep now but doesn't hear the ring.


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        What does the network infrastructure look like at site b? Are you vlaning? Is Shoretel HQ at Site A? DVS at Site B?

        What SG switch(es) do you have deployed at Site B?


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          What are your codecs set to for both intra and intersite?

          400Degreez...Wh?o's your Baghdaddy?


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            Site B is just a flat network, no vlans. Yes the main server is at Site A and no DVS. They both have SG-60's.

            I don't know what the codecs are, that could influence the caller hearing a ring???


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              Codecs shouldn't have an impact on ringback. The ringback sound is generated by the SG switches.

              At this point, it is very difficult to provide specific and actionable feedback without digging into your system.

              I'd recommend you engage your Shoretel Partner for troubleshooting (or if you have an Enterprise agreement, Shoretel directly).