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  • Lifesize phone as SIP phone

    Hi all

    I'm trying to setup a LifeSize conference phone as a Shoretel SIP extension and not having much luck. I have setup IP8000s before but I am not getting anywhere with this phone.

    The IP8000 and the LifeSize are the same phone; so what am I missing?

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    It depends on your build, I believe anything before 8.1 would require the lifesize to be a trunk, anything after would be set up as an extension. Also watch out for the nat setting, another trick is to go the http://ipaddy/support and pull down a sip trace. It should tell you if it regisgtering with the switch or not. Moreover, make sure it is registering with the INTERNAL IP and not the EXTERNAL IP. This is assuming you have the setup correct and port 5004 is unchecked in Director. If you cant get it to work, hit me back up.

    I think the username and pass are:

    1234 or lifesize

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm running 8.1 with 2 SG 60/12 switches.

      I have setup 100 sip proxies on one of the switches and rebooted everything.

      I've done the IP8000s a couple times and the interface on this is the same, hardware looks the same . But it is giving me licks!

      I setup an IP8000 on this same network some months ago as well.



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        You should have to enter the ip address in the phone of the SG switch doing the proxy.


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          Did you do the sip trace, this would answer the following, what switch it is registering to (if it is). It will show you if the username is correct (authorization) and most importantly, it will show you if the Lifesize is registering to the switch using a external IP address or internal (192, 10.1 so on and so on). Also it may even show you if you are using UDP or TCP for SIP.

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            Thanks for the responses.

            However, I've abandoned that project for now and moved on. I may come back to it at a later date as I think the management want to do it.


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              I have set this up at several sites without issue. You need to make sure that you actually enter a password into the SIP Password field of the user you are registering against, the dots shown in Director by default are misleading - there is no password.

              An image of my config is attached.
              Attached Files


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                Originally posted by Jason Learmouth View Post
                the dots shown in Director by default are misleading - there is no password.
                I learned that the hard way with some Cisco phones recently. I expected that changeme was the SIP password and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.


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                  Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
                  I learned that the hard way with some Cisco phones recently. I expected that changeme was the SIP password and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.

                  Actually you dont need a password, you just need the username. I dont have a password for my lifesize (ip8000) unit and it works fine. I did a SIP TCP dump and found that my Lifesize unit was not using the nat address to contact the registrar switch.

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                    Hi all I'm back at this again.

                    I entered the password and made all the changes to match what Jason said. But it still does not register.

                    I went into the support link but I do not see a sip trace option in there. I do see Coroner Info however. Is that the same thing?


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                      Are you all tracing from the switch?


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                        Note that often you will need to reboot the switch that you are registering to after making changes. I have had this happen to me several times where I will set everything up and try to register the phone (frustratingly) for an hour or so before I just reboot it all for the sake of doing something, and then it comes right up. This also works well if you have a phone that was registered, and then got moved and now will not re-register.


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                          Oh yes. I have that as well with the IP8000. It would not register although everything was setup correctly. Sometimes I have to reboot it twice before it will register.

                          On the Lifesize phone I finally got it to work.

                          I had to create the lifesize sip profile in director and enter the sip settings in the phone the way they have them in the lifesize configuration manual.