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  • Softphone QoS?

    If I have a remote site that I only feel like deploying Soft phones at With CM Pro, is there a way to mark voice traffic from the client? DSCP?

    If I had these values set in Director (the general setting) does that apply to a softphone assignment? or does this only apply to an actual IP phone?

    Any input?


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    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Param eters
    DisableUserTOSSetting (DWORD) = 0

    Computer must be rebooted after the change.


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      Should I assume that this setting disables markings from the PC if it were set to 0?

      My idea since the Soft phone would be installed on the user's PC, is to prioritize that traffic, but since its on the same data subnet as all of the other traffic, I would need some type of marking before it hits the router.

      If I just make this toggle, I still don't understand how to determine between the two forms of traffic. How can I get just the traffic from CM marked?