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  • IP8000 Going to sleep

    We recently upgraded a few of our IP8000's to v3.7.2 of their software to allow for VLAN support. The VLAN aspect works great, and allows us to move these devices with less headaches.

    The problem I have been noticing is the phones will go to sleep afte ra few hours, a day, or some random time interval. I haven't bene able to narrow this down.

    The phone will not receive phone calls at all. Once you touch the phone, and place an outbound call, the device begins to work as normal until the next time is sleeps.

    This is happening on both of our ShoreTel systems. Our Live 7.5 (12.15.8200.0) system, and our Lab 9.1 (14.21.4905.0) system.

    Is this a known issue, or has anyone else experienced this, or know of a fix?


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    Anyone using the 3.7.2 build of the IP8000 software at all? Good or Bad?


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      Just installed 4 of these and the same issue was seen.

      The latest Firmware/Software on the 8000 is in place and running the latest 9.x GA code. Have not heard from anyone at the mothership about this issue, silence is golden


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        Did you guys ever find an answer to this?


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          I have not moved to that firmware yet (was glad to find a stable one period) but from my experience with IP8000 issues this is going to be a firmware issue and it will not be resolvable until the next firmware release (if that one does not break something else).