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  • Private line

    Is there a way to make a line/trunk private on a PRI so that only the assigned user should be able to make outgoing calls on a specific trunk.

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    To further explain.

    We have a PRI of 23 trunks.

    We want to specify that 1 of those trunks is reserved and cannot be used by any one else except the assigned user.

    I have separated a trunk for him and setup a separate trunk group for it. The problem I have is that if in trunk groups I specify that the destination is his extension. Then all calls coming on that trunk will go to him. If I specify that they go to the operator then no calls will go to him. (This is outside of the DID).


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      Hi david, maybe someone might be able to help you better if you specified why you are trying to do this.

      Are you trying to make sure he always has a line available?

      Who's the telco? They might be able to take a specific PRI channel out of the PRI hunt group, so that only calls to a specific DID will go to the specified channel.


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        Why are you doing this?


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          Inbound you could use DNIS or DID but i think your question is Outbound right? Well, set up a seperate trunk group (you did) and also a seperate usergroup, assign only that extension to the usergroup you created and that ext will dial out of the t-group when trunk code is dialed ie 9.

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