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  • Static on analog lines

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my dilemma. i have a customer that just insatlled a shoretel system that is using MultiTech cellular gateways to place calls to their corporate cell phones so they dont incurr cost for those calls. any calls placed from the gateways have a lot of background static/whitenoise present on the call. i am open to any suggestion as to where to start looking within the system to correct this issue or should i be looking to the carrier side. i have increased the DB gain on the trunks to see if that helped with no success and rebooted everyhing on the system. i know with all the knowledge on this forum someone has an answer.



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    Did you try decreasing the gain?


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      no i havent tried that yet. what are the values to decrease the gain. i have the values to decrase but none to decrease. also the static only occurs on outbound calls. if i call each trunk number and the aa answers i hear no noise at all.
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        Yeah, i would look into decreasing the gain, whenever you raise gain, you raise power/amplification, you also raise the noise floor hence static. Still remember that from Air Force Technical School...No one comes close.

        You could adjust the Voice gain, Input Gain and Output Gain.

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          We helped MultiTech get this product through beta with ShoreTel a couple of years back. It does work as good as a cellular call. With that being said, Chris has you on the right track to start by adjusting the gain levels. MultiTech has a great tech support department who will gladly assist you also. Combining their assistance with the analysis of ShoreTEl call GUIDs, you should be able to isolate the issue and deliver the solution.

          Let us know if we can assist.
          Best regards,
          Troy Cryer