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  • call manager icon issues

    i am a new installer/partner with shoretel and need a hand - this is prob an
    easy fix for alot of people out there so here goes..
    i have a user who is using operator call manager - the icons of two of the
    people in her contact list have disappeared - the names are still there though.
    if you highlight the name, you can see the icon appears to still be there but it is white (which disappears against background if not highlighted)- any ideas.
    they were there origionally but not now. i did read a thread that said to chg this user to pcm, save, back to operator and save and i did with no success.
    thanks for your time

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    Lookup the user in "Users>>Individual Users".
    On the main properties page for this user, make sure "Allow Telephony Presence" is checked.


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      i have verified that box is checked on all ext (as well as the two that arent showing up correctly) but i appreciate the post


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        Try this,

        Add a new contact manually that is an outside number. See if it shows the same behavior as the two in question.

        If that is the case then those users may either be in an office anywhere mode or their icons may have gotten stuck that way. Either way the solution probably lies within their profile and not that of the person monitoring them.

        Also if you think a service has hung, a common cause of such display discrepancies, then a reboot of the server off hours is often a simple cure.


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          You might also try this, though I am highly skeptical of it helping with this problem... Windows XP Icon Cache