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  • Linux desktop

    Does the PCM client work with Linux?

    I know the server needs to be windows, but you would think the could use the client with Linux. You might not get full functionality, but you would think you could get most functions.

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    I run Linux as my primary operating system. PCM does not work well with Linux as of 7.5. I have not tried 8.0 or later yet, but I also suspect that it will not work well.

    I expect these will work:
    * Changing CHM
    * Changing WG status
    * Configuring External Assignment
    * Checking CHM for another extension

    These almost certainly will not work:
    * Dial by name, displying active calls, anything at all related to calls
    * Queue monitor, agent monitor

    This would be, of course, running under WINE with Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed. ShoreTel 7.5 does not work at all. The UI is so messed up as to be unusable.


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      Thanks for the heads up, I don't think we want to try this. It sounds like there are not many functions and dont want to disappoint future customers.

      Sounds more trouble then its worth.


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        Probably a wise move. I just tried it for fun this morning and it was not fun. I never got any part at all working--it crashes on startup.