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  • Data Throughput Issues

    We have IP565s with power bricks that when installed drop network speeds from 100Mb to about 7Mb. Never have installed power bricks before, usually use POE switches & never had a problem. Anyone else run into this issue?:confused1:

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    Power Brick

    Should be the same as a poe switch.

    Have you removed the power brick and tried a POE switch to see if you have the same problem?

    I would think this would point towards interference coming from the power on the data pairs. Cabling that isnt correct can cause issues like this. For example, you could have pins 3 and 6 on different color pairs. As long as they are the same on both ends it will pass a straightthrough test and work. The problem comes in that pin 3 would no longer be twisted with pin 6 in the same color set.....the twists cancel out interference..... no twists, no cancellation.....

    Are you using 568B or 568A color scheme? Do you trust that the person who installed the cabling ends did it correctly? I have seen a ton of electricians (not to knock electricians), install ends and leave 2 inches of untwisted wires, or use incorrect color codes (as long is it is straight through its good right?)....... sometimes they will actually just start putting wires on left to right, and do the same thing on both ends.... so it will "work", but its not right.

    your 1 and 2 pins should be on a pair, and 3 and 6 should be on a pair.......

    If it is your cabling though, you would think a POE switch would yield the same issues.


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      What power bricks are you using? Depending on which version, Shoretel previously had bricks that were only meant for their 100Mbps phones. They consolidated that to a single brick that could operate either phone.

      What are the speed/duplex settings on the ports that are having problems?


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        We did the cabling so that should not be an issue. Taking a POE switch tomorrow to see if we have the same issues.


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          using the shoretel supplied 10/10/1000 bricks


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            Are you seeing errors on your ethernet switch(es) for the affected ports?


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              Originally posted by cburgy View Post
              Are you seeing errors on your ethernet switch(es) for the affected ports?

              Check the switch port settings.


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                Originally posted by Dr_Klahn View Post

                Check the switch port settings.
                Sounds like a Duplex mismatch.