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  • page port issues

    i am having trouble getting the page port to cooperate.
    i can page overhead from my T1K but not my sg90.
    i am using a mini (stereo) cable from pg port to the tel inputs (6/7)
    of pg amp and it works fine but only thru T1K - not sg90
    i have overhead pg enabeled in cos and port assigned and ext # set up
    in "sites" -- am i missing anything or does it just not work on a sg90?

  • #2
    Did you change the "Paging Switch" on the "Sites" page to the SG90?


    • #3
      i have verified i have all the settings the same (except selecting right sg switch on sites page) and T1K will page but sg 90 wont


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        i found that you do have to use a "stereo" mini plug instead of a "mono"
        and although it is a stereo plug which has 3 conductors, only one of the sides work - in other words when you strip back a stereo plug you will most likely see a red, white, and unshiedled copper stranded wire- i used the unshielded and red wire for my talk path and it worked fine - hope this is accurate and helps someone else