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  • Any update on 9.1 or 9.2?

    My system is currently on on 8.1, and I would like to get updated to version 9 for the new features. However the current build (14.21.4905) has been sitting out there since June with no updates. That build has several known issues still that have been resolved in 8.1 but haven't been floated over to 9.1. Does anyone know, Are they going to get another build out on 9.1 that fixes these things or am I going to have to wait for 9.2?

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    The fixes will be put in the 9.1 build.


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      Originally posted by Miersk View Post
      The fixes will be put in the 9.1 build.
      Anytime soon?


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        There *might* be one more 9.1 build but there will not be any additional builds beyond that. 9.2 will likely GA this month and efforts will be focused on it and then on the 10.0 GA (currently in beta).