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  • Suggestions for implementing a new phone system and wan


    I know this is more of a forum for a people who are or have already installed Shoretel
    Systems but I decided to post here since I really feel Shoretel is a great system (hardware, software and PBX solution). I'm looking for any suggestions about the implementation of a new phone system & Wan for about 100 users spread through a fairly close region.

    I currently have a Starplus/Centrex combo used throughout the 15 large and small locations that are all relatively close. Between individual internet and Centrex line costs
    my monthly bills are ridiculous. The computer network is also fairly old using Cisco Pix boxes with DSL or Cable to connect back to a single Server room at a large site. We run Citrix and a terminal for all the network apps but everybody still has their own PC and will have their own Exchange account on that local machine.

    I'm thinking that Iíll upgrade my WAN with MPLS or a similar service for the bigger sites (Around 30 users at each campus), have smaller sites (5 users) connect via a newer hardware based VPN much like they do now. The catch is I want to monitor and filter internet usage at all locations.

    Getting to the phones, I was thinking of a VOIP solution for the larger sites and probably
    Just using pots with speed dial at sites where there is 1 user. That one user will still have
    access to a computer and DSL they could have a VoIP phone/system or a hybrid. Iím planning on replacing all my switches to support the phones and also to have POE. Iíd prefer to have computers and phones on one network. Most of my cabling is cat5e.

    Iím more or less looking to build an entire network from scratch. Iíd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions about my project or even what you like or didnít like about your setup when everything was done. With the proper foundation, I believe a system like Shoretel could be an incredible upgrade to what we have now. Thanks in advance.

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    It'd be easier to just discuss this over the phone. I'd be happy to provide some feedback if you like.


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      Starplus vs ShoreTel

      I feel your pain, I have worked with Vodavi (now Vertical Communications) for many years, Installing and maintaining these systems. I highly reccomend a ShoreTel solution for many reasons which I would gladly discuss with you over a short con call. I am an Engineer for MCPc which has been a Certified ShoreTel Partner for several years installing and maintaining various customers with ShoreTel systems. I have designed various solutions for customers with your same specs...give me a call to discuss.

      Joe Marysiak
      MCPc Inc
      Solutions Engineer
      440-724-9921 cell
      440-268-4396 office