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  • Getting returned error: 424

    When I click on one specific user I get an error pop up stating:

    Returned Error: 424
    Object required

    Anyone know why or how to fix the problem? Using V9.1

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    Is this in the call manager?

    If so try removing and then reloading the call manager.

    The error is a problem in the application code. Not specific to Shoretel.


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      I presume this is in ShoreWare Director.

      Does the user still load? If not, this may require some database editing to correct whichever relation is broken.


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        What server OS are you running this on?


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          I know this is an old string, but did this ever get resolved? I am getting the error with a user in director now. I am sure I caused it when fat fingering some keys. User does not load in director. Have compared with another user via the database but nothing stuck out as being incorrect. Server OS is 03 R2, SP2.
          Palitto: I agree with you that it appears to be database related. How best to determine which relation is the culprit? Thanks in advance!


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            I know this is old, but I've run into this several times. Each time I have been able to resolve the same way. Open the ST DB with SQLyog. Reset the conference bridge password to "null" and save. Now you should be able to open the user account in Director.