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  • adding SIP phone

    When adding SIP phone we had to make changes in the director, but also
    had to remove 5004 from the Send and Receive port in the configuration
    menu of the Conference Bridge, because we were losing audio. Any
    suggestion on what Send and Receive port should be used for the
    conference bridge, sense we had to remove 5004.


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    When we installed an IP8000 Conference phone we had to do the same thing in regards to setting up SIP and turning off the "Allways use 5004" option, and experienced similar issues with our Conference Bridge.

    After changing in the Conference Bridge wee the RTP Sent Port and RFC2833 Payload values, it started working again.

    Configuration >> VOIP Settings >> RFC2833 Payload Type = 102
    Configuration >> Bridge POrt Settings >> RTP Sent Port = 0
    Configuration >> Bridge POrt Settings >> RTP Recieve Port = 5004