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  • Pass DID's to another system through Shoretel

    I am clueless on if and how this can be done. I am assuming it can be I just don't know how. I have looked at the tandem trunking options and description, but that doesn't seem to be what I am looking for. I just want to have incoming DID's to a SGT1K and then pass to another system that is networked VIA another SGT1K.

    Thank you all!

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    Create the Off System extensions on the tie trunk group then program DNIS entries to forward the calls to the Off system extensions on the in coming trunk group.

    That should do the trick!
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      The DNIS setup screen looks like this:

      Just select the correct Off System Extension list from the drop down then key in the desired extension within that range in the right hand box then click add. When you are done adding all of them click save at the top.


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        Great, thank you so much, that sounds like exactly what I am trying to do. I will give that a try. Take care


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          Kinda an old post I am bringing back to life here......

          That will work but what if I have like 300 DID to put in, do I have to create an entry for each one, or is there and easy way to make a entire range point to off system extension lists?

          Thank you