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  • 1U Half Width Form Factor

    I noticed that Intel now manufacture a half width server motherboard which is designed to fit in a regular full width chassis but with a second motherboard along side it.
    I was wondering, if anybody had seen a half width chassis that might accept this type of board and perhaps sit on an empty position on a ShoreTel tray.

    Intel Server Board S5500HV - Overview

    This is just "Blue Sky" thinking at the moment. The ShoreTel Half width chassis measures 1.69 x 8.39 x 14.28 inches
    This board is 6.3" x 16.7" so it would be too deep to go on the tray.

    There are some Intel Atom based boards with a Micro ATX formfactor which might just wedge in there and have some room for storage and a power supply.
    They wouldn't be for the enterprise but SBE's sub 50 users.

    If one existed, I am wondering if there is a market....
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    Interesting idea. Half-width servers seem a little difficult to locate online right now. I didn't find any cases and just this one server:

    1U Half Width Server - HEISEI Electronics