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  • Additional Server Install Shoretel 7.5


    We are in the process of installing a shoretel system (IP230 Phones, Shoregear t1 and a 60/12 along with an additional server )in a remote office which links onto our existing system at our HQ site. the remote office is connected to the HQ site via a Point to Point VPN Connection.

    I am slightly confused to what the role this server will actually play in our telephony setup. For some reason I have it in my head that an additional server will merely act to providet he remote site with their VM database and possibly directory?

    Will the addition of a new server provide anything else in terms of redundancy say if the HQ server went down?
    The questions I have are:
    What would happen if the HQ server went down.
    What would happen if the sencondary server (I think DVS is the correct term) was unavailable.
    Does the config for the phones at the remote site download from our HQ or the SHoretel server based there
    Are databases replicated across servers

    Any help or hints where tovind this informationwould be greatly appreciated