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  • Norstar MICS 7.1 Tie Line

    Anyone ever done a tie between a Shoretel and a Norstar MICS 7.1?

    We trying to setup ext to ext dialing and also use the trunks connected to the Norstar for outbound dialing.

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    We have ext to ext dialing working using DMS100. We are unable to get calls to go out from Shoretel phone over tie and out the PRI on the Norstar.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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      I have my ShoreTel Trunk Group set with the appropriate local area code/s; Local calls out; Local Prefix List; Prepend outbound with "9". (None of these parameters affects the Off-System Extension calling).

      On the MICS side, I set the System Programming/Remote access/Remote access packages/Package <01 in my case> to pool "PRI-A" (the local ILEC PRI trunks) and also "PRI-B" (the ShoreTel-MICS PRI tie lines).

      You will see that, when you set Remote Line Access for the appropriate line (any one of them in the appropriate PRI pool (PRI-A, PRI-B), the entire PRI pool is then granted access to that Remote Package.


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        Okay, new developments. We are able to dial 411 and 0 for operator from Shoretel phones. But when we dial a full 10 digit number, we get either a fasy busy or a carrier message that says "..time allotted for you to dial has been exceded..."

        Nortel vendor is onsite tracing calls on their system. If we dial for example 9-1-1234567, the Norstar will collect 9-1-1234 then send 567 out to the PSTN. Any ideas why it would be doing that?


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          Sounds like on the MICS: see Absorbed Length in Services/Routing Service/Destination codes/<code>/Schedules/<schedule> (we only use one schedule ("Normal"), you may use several)

          Note that changes here affect MICS users, as well.

          My Absorbed Length is set to "0" for all Destination Codes that relate to 4-digit calls across the WAN. For dial-9 calls, the MICS absorbs one digit (the '9')


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            I have a customer who is phasing out the Norstars and replacing them with ShoreTel. The Norstar provider is saying you can not integrate with the Northstar MICS. Do you have any instructions on your integration? I appreciate any help!


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              ShoreTel-Norstar: you can certainly integrate insofar as tie line functionality, and tandem trunking is possible. we use PRI tie lines (PRI keycode on the Norstar required = $$). robbed-bit T1 tie lines can be accomplished, as well. takes a ShoreTel T1 switch, and a Norstar DTI card = $$.

              Norstar is a good little system, but not overly bright, by today's standards. depending upon what you are trying to do, and how you do it, results may vary. you just have to stick with it, and recognize that the Norstar has several parameters in several different places that will need to be touched.

              I don't have any BCMs, so don't know if increased functionality is possible with that model.


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                Check the 'public DN length' on the Norstar.You may have to up the digits to be sent out..