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  • PRI Question?

    We are suppose to be switching carriers today to Qwest and I was just looking at our current setup with Paetec and I am wondering will my new PRI circuit plug directly into my T1 Shoregear or is there suppose to be something in the middle? Qwest has not supplied me with any equipment for their circuit so I am wondering if that is how it is suppose to work?

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    Anyone know if the PRI circuit can be connected directly to the Shoregear equipment?


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      As long as your signaling from Qwest is correct and matches what is programmed into the switch, you can plug directly from the smart jack (dmarc) into your Shoretel T-1 switch and the circuit should come up.
      Installed a T-1 with Qwest 3 weeks ago without issue. Was probably as smooth an install as I can remember.


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        Thanks a10ecun. Thats what I was looking for.


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          Connecting with Telco

          Don't worry about the interface between telco and shoretel that part is straight forward. You can go straight from the smart jack to the T1k unit or what which ever flavor gear you are using. As you know TX and RX need to cross on both ends. Focus on the current setup with telco DID's, DNIS, Protocols, Numbering plan identifiers, etc...... this would be more of what could cause you problems. I know that was not your question just trying to give helpful advice.


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            One more thing that is off topic to your question. Ask Qwest if this is a Traditional ISDN PRI or if it is a VOIP circuit that they are handing off as a PRI...BIG difference between the two.

            The VOIP/PRI will break certain features that require sending originating caller ID.


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              CPN Spoofing

              That is a good point the reason for this is to stop spoofing of are CPN. So typicaly this circuit is delivered from the carrier with a cisco flavored router on premise. And is configured to only allow cpn of numbers riding on this pipe. There is a work around you can do to allow off premise forwarding / office anywhere to work should you come across this issue.