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  • MOH with Sip Trunks and multiple sites

    We have a shoretel 9.1 system with an ingate siparator. The firm we are doing an install for has 24 sites and each site has their own hold music that they've professionally recorded and would like to keep. I've been talking to tac and discussing several points about MOH across WAN. I understand that Shoretel will play only one MOH source per site played across trunks local to that site.

    I was thinking with the Ingate, if we made 10 ports of the ingate 'local' to a shoregear 50 switch in each site, then it would technically be local to the site and we should be able to source MOH from each site. (Why does shoretel care IP-wise where the siparator is, whether it is in the co-lo or in a different VLAN in the same building?) When you look in shoreware director, the 10 ports of the siparator are in the branch location.

    My understanding of the limitation with MOH was sourcing it across sites, but does that mean IP SITES or just Shoretel Sites? I think you can have VLAN's with multiple IP subnets local to the site and all the phones in that site would receive MOH across local trunks to the site, regardless if they are in the 5th floor vlan or the 8th floor vlan.

    With all of this said, however we do not receive MOH across the SIP trunks that are local to the 'remote' shoretel site. So we're not sure if it is a SIP limitation, or a shoretel site limitation issue.

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    Why don't you run the SIP trunks to each of the sites - not just to the one site? That way the trunks would be local to each site and probably more important than fixing local music-on-hold to each site - each site would be redundant if the connection to HQ was ever down.

    Neil Darling