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  • Analog Line RFI Filter

    We're getting RFI from a local radio station on our analog lines into our ShoreTel switch.

    Anyone have any recommendations on a telephone RFI filter.

    We found this the following but wondered if anyone knew another solution.

    Filters RF | Telephone


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    Can you just wrap the line one loop through a ferrite bead? Or does it have to look nice?
    Should certainly cost less than those and ought to do the same job.


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      had the same problem with a radio station in Tacoma, WA on an old Executone system. problem went away when we went to ShoreTel and PRI ip phones (on the old system, there were ferrite beads all over the place). however, some still had problems with (older) headsets even with ShoreTel. I haven't heard of any user complaints for some time, now, so I'm thinking that newer headsets settled that problem, as well.

      if I recall correctly, the FCC says the radio station is required to help you resolve this situation (huh, for whatever that's worth).

      the filters you're looking at make for a pretty cheap experiment. and/or, I've not personally dealt with this company, but Mike Sandman has been around for a long time, might be able to help: Mike Sandman... Chicago's Telecom Expert Home Page