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  • PC connected to Phone

    I have 2 vlans, vlan a for phone and vlan b for PC's.
    Both are getting IP's from DHCP.
    I have a few locations were I have to plug the PC into the phone.
    How do I set up DHCP to give the phone vlan a and the PC vlan b?

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    If you would like to setup IP Phone using dynamic IP, you will need to configure the DHCP Option 156 for IP phones
    To use Option 156, you need to predefine the option. The following case based on Microsoft DHCP server. To set predefine IP phone option, open HDCP. Right-click on the DHCP server and select Set Predefined Options. Click Add. Type IP Phone as name, select String from the Data type, and 156 as Code. Click OK to save it. On the String Value, type ftpservers=<shoretel server ipaddress>, country=1, language=1, layer2tagging=1, vlanid=< Voip vid>.
    Be mindfull of the string entry - no spaces before or after the = ... proper spelling ... space after the ,

    Add Option 156 into both the Data vlan and the VoIP vlan. When the phone first boots up it will initially recieve and IP address from the Data Vlan, but when it sees option 156 it will release the Data IP address and reconfigure itself with the the proper Vlan information from option 156, reboot itself and reissue DHCP requests on the proper VLAN. The phone will then "rememeber" what Vlan it is supposed to connect to until it is cleared or set back to default config


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      I'll give it a try thanks