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  • Italian Language problems - pls help with a test!

    Ok, I'm running Shoretel7 Build 12.5.7203.0 and am currently rolling out the phone system around all my European sites. Not had any problems with the different languages until Italy.

    I know they only just added Italian support but, don't use it; it's incredibly half-baked.

    For starters, there's no 'language=' code for DHCP.

    When users are set to 'Italian', their voicemail prompts remain in English(US) (every other language changes this).

    and, worst of all, if you change a user account to 'italian' language, the directory doesn't work on the phone. It's just blank.

    I was logged in to a phone here as myself (English UK) no problems, all the directory stuff was fine. As a test, in director I changed my language to Italian... bye bye directory. If I change back... it's fine.

    I know there's a newer build than mine; if anyone's on it would they mind testing to see, when they change their language to italian on their user account, if the directory works?

    thanks a lot