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  • Searching Log For Hunt group busy

    I am searching the logs for a case of "I know we made the huntgroup unbusy using *18 XXXX" but I am having a hard time finding some decisive string to search for. This is a multisite with over 20 hunt groups. Any thoughts? Searching for Star_Key gets me close, but I was hoping to find a log file or a string in the TMSNCC that is more decisive.

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    In TmsNcc,

    1. Locate these lines
    12:51:10.652 ( 2168: 3136) U-PE: 2000001E InService
    12:48:54.256 ( 2168: 3136) U-PE: 2000001E OutOfServiceBusyOut

    2. Search up from there to locate this line which has the same handle (2000001E)
    12:44:38.463 ( 2168: 3136) U-CE: 2000001E "sip:[email protected]:5441"


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      what is (2168: 3136)?
      I was hoping for for an identifier to the hunt group. I did try the OUtofservicebusyout string and that did seem to work.


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        2168: 3136 is the process and thread ID. Note that OutOfServiceBusyOut will be logged when you busy it out and InService will be logged when you make it available again. You can get the extension of the hunt group from the sip: line.