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  • Bad page port??

    I've deployed several SG90's this summer at all of our remote sites. All sites have had mostly an identical configuration with one another. I deployed an SG90 this weekend in Jackson Mississippi. When connecting the Valcom paging unit to the page port on the front of the switch, I get nothing when attempting to page the PA speakers. I know the speakers, cabling, plug, etc are fine because I can plug the same cable into my iPod, and it blares the warehouse. Another method of troubleshooting is I plugged a regular set of stereo headphones into the page port on the front of the SG90. When I tried to page with the headphones connected, I got nothing as well. I verified the paging extension and the paging switch on this Sites page for ths particular site. Is it safe to say that my page port is toast?

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    I also forgot to mention that I have "Allow Overhead and Group Paging" enabled in my telephony COS, and it still doesn't work.


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      I would reboot the switch and if still not working, remove/re-install the page port config from within the site config page.
      If you still aren't working, RMA the switch.


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        Yeah, I already tried those steps with no success. Thanks though. I submitted an RMA request to ShoreTel yesterday (Monday). I received a notification that RMA had been processed later on that day, then another e-mail with a UPS tracking number. I tracked the package this morning (Tuesday), and it looks like ShoreTel didn't get it to the UPS depot in enough time, so I have to spend another damn day in Jackson. Sorry to vent, but I'm pretty pissed with ShoreTel right now. I was so ready to go home today. I've been here since Friday.