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  • RE: IP530 lost password

    Hey guys, I have an IP530 that I need to reset the password. it has all the information statically set in it, and I can telnet to the phone, but it boots up looks for the FTP server ( doesn't find it, and eventually goes to no service. not sure what the password was as it was a test phone and someone changed the password from it's default.

    all my dealer provided was:

    Try a factory reset on the phone itself.

    Factory Reset
    Mute + rramos (772667) #
    Password = 1234#
    Factory Test KPD Mode
    Mute Clear (25327) #
    Power cycle phone
    (Unplug Cat5 cable)

    Hope this helps

    the Mute codes don't seem to work, anyone have a way to reset this password via the console? The dealer has basically said the only thing they will do now after providing the above information is sell me a new phone; would uch rather just reset the password on it though


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    anyone have any ideas? there has to be some way other than throwing the phone away...



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      Mute + Reset (73728) #

      I'm guessing it's out of warrenty?
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        the phone just diaplays no service after the requesting service, and the mute codes seem to do nothing.


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          Make sure the handset is down when you are dialling the MUTE codes. You won't get any indication on the phone when you are dialling them in, until you press the final #.
          I notice that you are still required to enter a password and it sounds like it has changed from the default 1234#
          This password is usually set via shoreware director, but as the phone isnt able to contact the rest of the system you might be a bit stuck.


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            Originally posted by Jason_C View Post
            Mute + Reset (73728) #

            I'm guessing it's out of warrenty?
            Yes. it is...


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              I have an idea...
              Do you have the ability to stand up a generic shoretel system with the IP of: ? Maybe at least try copying your existing shoretel FTP directory to another ftp server with that IP?
              I would think it should reset it's password if it can get new config/firmware from the HQ server.


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                The Shoretel support site only talks about the following procedure for IP230 phones. Seems you have tried this already but maybe try it by itself?

                IP 230 IP phone password - Change back to default

                How to change IP 230 IP phone password back to the default password?

                Plug in the IP 230 phone and leave handset on hook and press MUTE key and spell CLEAR# with keypad.



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                  any commands to do this from telnet?