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  • Event ID 2707

    We're running 13.25.3801.0 build of Director with most Shoretel 230 phones, 20+ buildings in our campus and Enterasys switches and routers.

    We had a network issue a few days back, and since about that time we have one network that's having intermittent phone issues. Some phones either boot up seemingly properly and then get no dialtone when you lift the handset, or don't seem to connect properly to the server and show "no service". Other phones on the same network seem to work fine. Have tried factory reset on affected phones to no avail. Also seeing event ID 2707 in the event log on the Director server, with this message:

    "The IP Address for IP-Phone Device: 0010490C0263 has been set to NULL in the configuration database because another IP Phone has contacted the system with the IP address that had been assigned to the device. The IP Phone with the IP Address now set to NULL is currently not communicating with the server. If communication is reestablished the configuration database will be updated with the device's current IP Address"

    The IPs are being handed out by Win2k DHCP server that works fine elsewhere, and we're not seeing conflicts in DHCP.

    Any ideas?